Photo by Selma Grönlund

Photo by Selma Grönlund




2018 – Rest In Peace LP/CD (PNKSLM043) – Listen/buy

2017 – Rabbits 7”, split single w/ Magic Potion (PNKSLM033) – Listen/buy

2016 – Love On Tour EP (digital EP) – Listen/buy

2015 – Kind of Hurt EP (digital EP) – Listen/buy







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Originally from Umeå in the north of Sweden, Nora Karlsson started working on her own songs at age 17 but it wasn't until three years later that she finally shared them with others, urged by her bandmates in fellow PNKSLM signees HOLY, where she contributes guitar and backing vocals. Those first few home recordings were released in September 2015 as the Kind of Hurt EP on Stockholm label PNKSLM Recordings and immediately got the attention of music journalists around the world, hailing her as one of Scandinavia's most exciting new artists.

A second collection of home-recorded tracks, the Love On Tour EP, followed in the spring of 2016 to praise from the likes of Stereogum and The Line of Best Fit and was followed by her first UK shows and touring around Scandinavia, before retreating to record what would become her debut album. Struggling with a writer's block while reacclimatizing herself to life in the Swedish capital, the writing and recording of Rest In Peace took its toll and moved slowly forward, until the summer of 2017 when things finally got back on track. Working with producer Hannes Ferm (also the leader of HOLY) in Studio Cobra in Stockholm, "Rabbits" was soon finished and released as a teaser track in October 2017 as part of a split 7" with friends and label mates Magic Potion, while Nora was finishing up the recordings of Rest In Peace.

An honest and intimate album as well as her first studio recordings, Rest In Peace is a huge step forward for Boys, filled with both the pains and joys of life. Retaining the broad indie pop template of her previous EPs the album shows great ambition, both in its songwriting and arrangements, going from grand string arrangements, to garage pop to synth pop and back to intimate singer-songwriter pop in the space of 8 tracks, while still remaining a singular being. While lead single "End of Time" is one of her oldest songs and has its origins back when she was 17, other parts of the album were written last year. Rest In Peace is a voyage through the last 5 years of Nora's life it's a universal story of growing up and struggling to find your place in the world, of shitty jobs and death, of love and friendship, of life itself simply.